Cell Culture

Core Facilities

In the Neuroscience Area there are 3 common cell culture rooms. In each of them you can find everything you need to work with cells or tissue cultures: biological hood, CO2 incubator, microscope, warming bath, centrifuge, vortex, pipette set. In every cell culture room, there is at least one biological cabinet biosafety level 2 certified. You can need to prefer this depending on your work. 

Anything used in the cell culture room should not be taken out, to avoid microbial contamination and the lab coat must be dedicated to cell culture. 

Since the rooms are common you have to book your slot of working time at the Instrument Booking system.

Please contact Federica Ferrero or Beatrice Pastore if you need to start your work with cell cultures in the common rooms. 

Cell culture rooms are located at the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the Laboratory Building (A building - wing C). Surf the list and click a room, to discover the available equipment.


"A" Floor 4 - Room 461: Culture Room 1

"A" Floor 5 - Room 550: Culture Room 2 

"A" Floor 6 - Room 642: Culture Room 3