The technical courses are lectures read by the technical staff where the students can acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge complementary to what learned from the academic courses.

They are preparatory for the laboratory activities and highly raccomended for new users (i.e., 1st year PhD students), to familiarize with the equipment and the correct usage.

See also our Technician's calendar, as well as the PHDCNS calendar.


Basic Microscopy - Theory and Practice (Micaela Grandolfo)

Fluorescence Microscopy - Theory and Practice (Micaela Grandolfo)

Immunofluorescence - Theory and Practice (Micaela Grandolfo)

Basic Analysis of Scientific Grade Images: Introduction to ImageJ and Volocity Software (Micaela Grandolfo)

Basic Techniques in Cell and Tissue Culture (Federica Ferrero)

Introduction to Electronics - Part I: Theory (Erik Zorzin)

Introduction to Electronics - Part II: Practice (Erik Zorzin)

Introduction to the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratories (Marco Zanon)

Primary Cultures - Dissociated and Organotypic Cultures (Beatrice Pastore)

Solidworks and Rapid Prototyping (Marco Gigante)

Other courses:

Arduino and Microcontrollers (Fabrizio Manzino - CyNexo)

Note: the courses are usually held in November, at the beginning of the accademic year, to allow new PhD students to familiarize with the core facilities and services of the Neuroscience Area at SISSA. Please, check the calendar or subscribe the neurobiology or cns mailing lists be to be updated.