Human Cognitive Neuroscience

Core Facilities

The Human Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratories (aka Human Labs) consist in several rooms that offer instruments and spaces for running experiments with human participants at SISSA. The Labs host a range of techniques commonly used for research in Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, such as eye-tracking, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), transcranial electric stimulation (tES), electroencephalography (EEG), the recording of other biosignals (EMG, ECG, SCR) and odor stimulation. Furthermore, the Labs are equipped for the standard and fast presentation of visual stimuli, the presentation and/or recording of sounds in anechoic and sound-proof cabins and the combination of techniques (i.e., TMS and EEG coregistration). Finally, several neuropsychological tests are available to measure psychological functions in both healthy participants and patients.

Since the Human Labs are common, one or more time slots must be booked by using the Instrument Booking system. Please, keep in mind that Labs cannot be booked for more than 50% of the week by the same user (exceptions are possible, but must be planned by contacting Marco Zanon).

The rooms must always be left clean and tidy, and all personal stuff must be taken away at the end of each work session.

The Human Labs are located at the second and third floors of the Laboratory Building (A building - wing C) and each is dedicated to a specific technique or purpose. Surf the list and click a Lab, to discover the available equipment.


"A" Floor 2 - Room 244: Behavioral booth

"A" Floor 2 - Room 246: EEG & Eye-tracking

"A" Floor 2 - Room 247: Soundproof booth

"A" Floor 2 - Room 248: Psychophysics booths

"A" Floor 2 - Room 249: Eye-tracking


"A" Floor 3 - Room 343: TMS & Eye-tracking

"A" Floor 3 - Room 344: Behavioral booths & Biosignal recording

"A" Floor 3 - Room 345: EEG

"A" Floor 3 - Room 346: TMS

"A" Floor 3 - Room 347: Olfactometer


Please contact Marco Zanon for an introduction to the equipment, before starting your experimental activity in one or more rooms.