Microscopy and Histology

Core Facilities

In the Neuroscience Area the Microscopy and Histology facility consists in three rooms, located on the seventh floor, where you can find different types of microscopes and cutting devices, and a room located on the fifth floor where you can find two common workstation at which you can work with the version offline of NIS Elements and Volocity software for image processing and analysis. 

Since the rooms are common you have to book your slot of working time at the Instrument Booking system.

The rooms must always be left clean and tidy and all personal stuff must be taken away at the end of each work session.

The Microscopy and Histology facility is located at the fifht and seventh floors of the Laboratory Building (A building - wing C). Surf the list and click a room, to discover the available equipment.


"A" Floor 5Room 546: Image Processing Workstations 

"A" Floor 7 - Room 736: Confocal Microscope Nikon A1

"A" Floor 7 - Room 737: Microscopy Room

"A" Floor 7Room 738: Cutting Devices