Molecular Biology

Core Facilities

The Neuroscience Area houses its Molecular Biology Laboratories on the sixth floor of the Main Building. The Laboratories provide researchers with access to technology related to DNA, RNA and protein research and in particular DNA and RNA extraction and purification, genotyping, DNA and RNA quality and quantity determination (DeNovix Microvolume Spectrophotometer and Fluorometer, Agilent Bioanalyzer), nucleic acid amplification and gene expression analysis (Thermocyclers, Biorad CFX Connect and CFX96 Touch Real Time Systems, Biorad QX200 Droplet Digital System), detection and measurement of protein samples (microplate reader, Alliance chemiluminescence documentation station), and flow cytometry and cell sorting (Biorad S3 Cell Sorter).

There are several other pieces of ancillary instrumentation located in the common rooms, occasionally in individual laboratories, that researchers can use upon initial training. The staff provides support on experimental design, techniques and use of instruments. Please contact Helena Krmac or Christina Vlachouli for assistance.

To gain access to the common instruments, users need to book their working time-slots through the Instrument Booking system.

The Molecular Biology Laboratories are located at the sixth floor of the Laboratory Building (A building - wing C). Surf the list and click a room, to discover the available equipment.


"A" Floor 6 - Room 636: Washing and Sterilization

"A" Floor 6 - Room 638: Cold Room

"A" Floor 6 - Room 639: Centrifuges, Shakers and Incubators

"A" Floor 6 - Room 640: Weighting and Chemistry Room

"A" Floor 6 - Room 641: PCR and Cell Sorter

"A" Floor 6 - Room 643: Research Laboratories

"A" Floor 6 - Room 648: Dark Room

"A" Floor 6 - Room 650: Sanges Laboratory